Our mission is to bring value to our clients by helping them become successful and turning their ambitions into reality.

We aim to provide an objective outside-in-perspective, which often helps a client broaden the horizon and discover new things. Old habits are, well, old but not necessarily good habits.

When we help clients improve their companies and/or achieve specific objectives, we offer a full-service which looks at all functions as well as relevant external parties (e.g. customers, partners, suppliers, competitors, etc.).

In many cases, this level of detailed assessment is necessary to ensure best overall company performance improvements. However, at times a less detailed review will suffice.


Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of our clients as well as ours.

It is paramount that our customers can rely on our integrity, professionalism and rest assured that they are well-taken care of.

Hence we have a rigorous internal quality assurance setup ensuring high quality services and deliverables.

In the event a client is not fully satisfied with our services, because we have not delivered what was agreed or to an acceptable standard, we will rectify any short-comings as soon as practically possible.

Our History

Azamarc was established in Singapore in 2015 and quickly established a customer base in Southeast Asia, predominantly in Automotive, Engineering in various sectors, Automation and Robotics.

In 2020 Azamarc started supporting companies in Europe via its company Azamarc Tech ApS. Also, we began helping companies in the Medical Devices sector.

Given the numerous projects over the years in Thailand, in 2022 it was decided to open an office in Thailand.

  • Azamarc Co. Ltd. was incorporated in Thailand

  • Azamarc Tech ApS was incorporated in Denmark

  • Azamarc Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in Singapore